Marvin Windows

Windows are our specialty. We have several designs in stock to choose from!

Awning window
Awning Window

Awning windows swing open from the bottom.

bay window
Bow and Bay Windows

Bows and bays are created from multiple assemblies of windows.

casement window
Casement Windows

Casements open and close from the side using a folding crank handle.

double hung window
Double Hung Windows

Double Hung windows have two operating sash that slide up and down.

glider window
Glider Windows

Glider windows open with ease on a horizontally gliding sash.

special shape window
Special Shape Windows

Special Shape windows come in a variety of geometric and circular shapes.

tilt turn window
Tilt Turn Window

Tilt Turn windows open two ways; swinging in like a door or tilting in at the top for ventilation.

venting picture window
Venting Picture Windows

Venting Picture windows come in large sizes and open for cross-ventilation.