Kristen S. Winnetka

Marvin Design Gallery replaced 19 windows in our home and they are beautiful. We’re very happy and can’t wait to see the difference in our winter bills! The contractor was fantastic, polite, cleaned up every day, and also smart with some tricky windows we had. We’ve recommended Marvin Design Gallery to others and are just really happy overall with how everything turned out.

Tim Murphy

I used to buy Marvin from another dealer but now buy all my Marvin products from Marvin Design Gallery. There is always someone there who answers the phone and they send great leads my way. My sales person, John Sampey, has good follow-up and I think he’s great.

John G. Harty

In general I feel that Marvin Windows are the best windows on the market. The great thing about Marvin Design Gallery is the quality of their in-house service technicians. I am usually able to get service within 48 hours no matter how old the windows or the project. Timely service is extremely important to our customers and us. I would say that 90% of our projects use Marvin Windows and Doors. Before Bill (Goodman) has the order from me, he is likely to have invested 15 to 20 man-hours in a project, assisting me with the budget and helping our client meet their needs. He consistently goes the extra mile, which keeps Marvin Design Gallery first on my list.

Elissa Morgante

We’ve been in business over 23 years and have used Marvin Windows about that long. They build a very good product and Marvin Design Gallery is a very good company to work with because they give very good service. When there’s a problem, there’s a representative out there right away. Ninety-nine percent of the business is service. If you have a good product but can’t service it, it is extremely annoying. Unless you have a good service rep to come out when something breaks, and who deals with the problem, it doesn’t matter how good the product is. There is also more to good service than just fixing a problem. We work with Kent Iwema pretty exclusively and he comes out to the job site. He measures the windows, he comes back and sees that everything is fitted right, and he’ll make sure their service department installs the screens. Needless to add, if a problem occurs, he fixes it.

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