Special Shape Windows

Marvin Special Shape Windows


Ultimate Glider Window

Add dimension and drama to a window design by incorporating a polygon or special shape window.

  • Choose from octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, pentoids, triangles-virtually any geometric shape.
  • Polygons and special shape windows are available as either direct glaze, or in-sash units to match daylight openings in other window and door styles.

Integrity Special Shape Windows


Polygons are available with lengths of 96" and overall dimension of 49 square feet, and in eight shapes, including; rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and octagons. Use them as sidelights, transoms, and flankers for picture windows, or create unique configurations.

And Integrity gives you something unheard of in a standard offering: unique shapes and sizes still included in our fast delivery promise.

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