Energy Efficiency


Marvin is always striving to improve its products, and has introduced initiatives to rethink value, increase performance, and lower environmental costs. These practices have made producing their windows and doors an environmentally friendlier process, and using them more economical, thanks to their greater energy efficiency. For instance, most Marvin products meet U.S. ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

To gauge energy efficiency, look for a product's Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) rating and U-values. The SHGC rating tells how effective a product is at blocking heat from sunlight (the lower the number, the less heat you get), while U-values indicate how well the product retains heat (the lower the number, the better it insulates).

At Marvin Design Gallery, we are attuned to the special situations that impact our customers. Different weather and environmental conditions require different window technologies for the best in sustainability and performance. Marvin Windows and Doors offer options that range from standard clear insulating glass, to energy-saving, Low-E insulating glass. Laminated, insulated glass can further increase energy savings and decrease noise pollution.

Marvin Design Gallery's sales associates are there to guide customers through the process of picking the right products for their needs.

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